Jihad of the pen is as much important as jihad on the ground

Media jihad is as much important as jihad on the ground.
In its newest video,  entitled
Message to the Knights of the Media ,
the organisation of the Islamic State (OIS) expresses its solidarity with its online fighters.
The first part of newly released IS video quotes US media, as they openly admit the power of IS and its real influence online. Always ready to use their adversaries'strength against themselves this delivery puts emphasis on the opinion of Tim Clemente (Mission Integrated Technologies President), who explained to Fox News that 
We certainly are losing online and we are losing on the battlefield.
In the the second part of the video, IS fighters are being questioned about the importance of media and online jihad. The core question they are addressed is the message they would send to the brothers who perform jihad in the media. Below are the most important answers:
What is the message you want to pass to your brothers, who perform their actions in the media? What are the advices you want to give them?
[…] The message I want to pass to brothers responsible for media jihad, with whom I spend tremendous time, those who devote their time and souls for the sake of the victory of this faith and who make it possible to spread the message to all Muslims […]
[…] to all brothers connected behind their screens and computers […] we ask God to appreciate your doing […]
[…] honestly they have incredible influence and we cannot ignore this issue […]
[…] what they perform [on the Internet] has important influence on what is going on the ground […]
[…] we need to fight the lies though media, therefore at that stage media plays an important role and I advise our brothers to concentrate on this […]
[…] it’s half way to the victory […] we advise brothers to make even more efforts than they do now […] we kill the enemies of Allah on the ground and they defend the Islamic State and [they] fight the Kuffar through the media, for their efforts have enormous influence […]
[…] we advise them to continue their efforts, because media jihad does not have less meaning that the jihad on the ground […] America, the West and whoever with them, admitted to have lost the media battle […]
[…] to those who lost their accounts and created new one and lost it again until creating hundreds of accounts, but remained resistant and patient […]
[…] they do play a great role and we ask God to reward them, but they need to make more efforts, because the war has just started […] if they do not manage to come here, they should perform their media jihad […]
This message appeared a few days after the breakout of another cyber battle between IS supporters and its opponents. It is the first time, when IS devotes its whole propaganda video to motivate its online supporters.
This is the first piece of our Counterterrorism Lead Analyst, K. JAROS, welcome to her.