Terrorism Experts Conference, Ankara

altOn 15-16 October 2014, the Centre will participate to the "Terrorism Experts Conference", in Ankara, Turkey. The main topic of the Conference will be "Recent conflicts and their impact on terrorist networks".

The Centre's presentation will be entitled   


Foreign Fighters, from MM to MN, a New Typology ?



In the last decade, foreign fighters have mainly been associated with either al-Qa’eda Core (aQC) or its regional emirates (aQPA, aQIM), branches (Harakat as-Shabaab al-Mujahideen) and associates (Tehreek e Taleban Pakistan…).

Then the profiles of the foreign fighters were well enough defined. From Af-Pak to Yemen, from Somalia to Sub-saharan Africa processes were developed, changed sometimes, adapted always.
Because of this, Western intelligence officers, law enforcement agents and policemen could hypothesize networks and thus identify facilitators, go-between and potential mujahideen.
German philosopher Nietsche wrote « And when you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you ». In his book, US Army retired general Stanley McChrystal said « As we grew our network solidified the relations that bound it (…), our enemy did the same ».
And this is exactely the purpose of our presentation, to show how - using Mohamed Merah (MM) and Mehdi Nemmouche (MN) as case studies – aQC thinkers (‘Attiyatullah al-Libi…) and operational leaders (Yunus al-Mauritani) influenced deep changes in the processes of recruitment, travel and in last resort training, of future mujahideen.
Studying these two cases, we will also try to emphasize how the actual situation in Syria and Iraq with the Islamic State is different from all that has been known, scrutinized and studied before.


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